Artistic landscape photos

The pictures of the website have been collected under the name “Gallery”.
At the beginning my work started from Landscape Photos taken in Val D’Orcia, in the province of Siena , as result of my careful research carried out on the territory, but also driven by the desire to see again this wonderful place from a different point of view, sometime with a little surrealistic touch. The Val d’Orcia territory was moulded, transformed and made fertile by the masterly experience of man and also by a choreographic art that doesn’t seem to belong to earthly life. And so, why not revisit these places deepening the colours of dawns, sunsets, earth and sky, why not emphasize what is offered by nature, but we can’t see sometimes?

And why not exploit that sun and that light, which are the life and strength of this place? I tried out, I made mistakes, I learnt, I tried again and finally I have found my way, my original personal method to “take something more out of the photos”, that is to get not only what the camera could see, but also to express what my hearth felt in those places. Feelings, dreams and passions, not only shapes.
Later on my activity involved other places as well, but the basic principle of the solar light malleability remained unchanged: in fact this is everywhere, on the architectures built by man, on the land almost untouched or slightly influenced by human beings and also on what captures myphotographic eye. This is true when you are in Tuscany , close to home or everywhere in the world. Of course if you examine this work, you will certainly ask yourself how I get there and the possible questions could be really a lot. I can reply that when you examine a photographic work, you shouldn’t ask yourself anything about methods or techniques, but only consider the emotions and the stories portrayed by the pictures. After all what counts is the result and in particular the satisfaction with what you made. And I am really satisfied with my Gallery.